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 Margaret West is the founder of Connections with Spirit, which is an holistic clinic and training facility.  Margaret is qualified to teach in various spiritual fields, and she is an Holistic Therapist, Registered with the B.C.M.A and International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine. She is also an author of fiction and non fiction books.

Margaret also is a gifted medium and has worked on church rostrums for many years.  She believes that Spirituality can mean different things to different people. To her it is an expression of whatever is positive. It strives for unconditional love, and places us on a path of universal understanding and acceptance, where Judgement is lacking, and acceptance and tolerance is high. Its positive vibration brings with it humbleness, which recognises the importance of the Soul rather than the flamboyance of the ego.

She believes that the spirit needs to play different roles to grow and learn and eventually it is then  reintegrated into the whole. Margaret often says that we are all more than just matter and energy. That we will not vanish when our corporeal body dies. She believe that everything we are will eventually return to the purest form – spirit.
Of course different religions have their own viewpoints on life, death and spirit. There is no monopoly on truth. So everyone should follow the path that suits them, because their destination will always remain the same.

Connection with Spirits clinics are based in Ashford and Tenterden, Kent. Margaret teaches various workshops anywhere in the world. She also runs mediumship development circles as well as one to one personal mediumship tuition. She is a trainer/practitioner in the following and can come to your venue should you wish her to teach your group.

Margaret is also a consultant for Neals Yard and uses many of these products in her therapies.

Past Life Regression 

Colour Healing

Angelic Reiki Master/ Teacher

Verified Usui Reiki Master/teacher

Psychic councilor

Healing Meditation

Mediumship Development 

Accredited Crystal Therapist/Trainer

Soul Midwife

Mediumship on all levels

Animal Healer

Certified Angel card reader/Trainer

Certified Angel Tarot Reader/Trainer

Certified Realm Reader

 Please use the contact form should you wish to discuss anything  with her.






                                           Interview with

           Margaret West H.MA A.M.A.N.F PSY.D AD.CYS

                           By Emma King

 Find out a little bit more about Margaret from this intimate rare interview.

Q- Hi Margaret. Thank you for allowing me to interview you today.  How / when did you realise that you could communicate with spirit?

A- Hello Emma. It’s a pleasure.  From a young child spirit people would visit me at night. When I reached twenty, I could hear disembodied voices calling my name, feel their touch, and smell their perfume or cigar smoke. I was 22 before I actually spoke to them and they spoke back.

Q- When you were a child did you understand why spirit were coming to you?

A- No. Whenever I went to bed I would hide under the covers. I knew the room would suddenly become terribly cold, my skin would prickle and I just   knew spirit people were around my bed, sitting on it sometimes and it terrified me. I used to say my times table over and over again until I drifted off to sleep. It wasn't a good experience for me at the time, but I learnt my times tables very well!

Q- How do you communicate with spirit now?

A- After years of training from a wonderful teacher, I have honed my ability to now be able to hear, feel and see spirit people.  I just ask them to come if I am giving a private sitting, and they do. Now I feel blessed to have them in my life. I suppose I speak to the dead more than the living nowadays.

Q- Talking about training, how did you train and where?

A- I trained for 13 years in Sutton Church in Surrey with Betty Masters who is the president. She showed me how to hone my skill, through her no nonsense teaching and friendship, thus moving me forward on my spiritual journey. After that, I did various courses at the Arthur Findlay College and continued learning with spirits help and from those they have led me too. It's an amazing journey that I feel excited to be on.

Q- Did you ever have times when you found it hard to accept what spirit were giving you?

A- Yes, in the beginning I found it hard to feel their pain and anguish. Now I accept it as part of their life journey. Their messages help those they love and I feel honored they chose me to deliver them.

Q- When you were learning is there a particular time that sticks in your mind?

A- Very much so. I was in an open circle. The spirit lady came to me and showed me how she went through the windscreen of her car and was killed. It was horrendous to see. That has stuck in my mind until this day. After that I ask the spirit people to tell me HOW they died rather than see it for myself. Another time was when I did my first platform debut. I was giving a message when my eyes were drawn to the back of the church that had suddenly begun to fill with smoke. A man dressed in army fatigues trotted out and towards me. No one could see all this except me of course. He walked up to me and began to tell me how he had died. The explosion that had taken his life the day before. He really wanted his family to know that it hadn’t hurt. His death had been instant and I had to relay that message to a couple in the front row, who knew his family. Now it is the mediums responsibility to be careful what they pass on from spirit to the living. One of the spiritual laws is DO NO HARM! All I could do was give his message out as carefully as I could, but of course they refused to take it. I wasn’t surprised. They insisted he was alive, as they’d only spoke to him that morning. That was a very sad moment for me. I hope when they received notification of his passing that they remembered my words and took comfort from them. Of course I have had many happy times and lots of laughter from spirit people. This is when I enjoy my job the most.

Q- You do many workshops and circles- what made you decide to do these?

A- All of my circles and workshops are spiritually inspired. I often wake up with wonderful ideas that I implement. The same goes for the books I write. I try to keep all my workshops affordable and I am a great believer that there should be some sort of energy exchange when you earn money from spirit based work. I am passionate about animal welfare. A large percentage of my earnings goes to various shelters and rescues all over the world. I honestly feel this is why my workshops and circles are always so full. I thank spirit every day for allowing my work to flourish and for enabling me to heal or help animals and humans on a daily basis.

Q- You work with crystals too, how did you become inspired to work with them?

A- Crystals are a big part of my life because I work with them so closely now. I can't exactly pin point when I started to feel drawn to them, I just know I always have. Each crystal seems to come alive in my hands and I feel totally overwhelmed by its beauty and energy. I have a lovely spirit lady who was a healer in her lifetime, and she helps me with all my therapies. Her knowledge of crystals never ceases to amaze me. For as long as I live I know crystals will always play a huge part in my life.

Q- You teach trance, how did you begin in your path of learning it?

A- Trance mediumship is a fascinating subject. It is about having trust in your spiritual communicator and allowing them to work through your consciousness. After sitting in trance for five years solid and doing a week live in course at The Arthur Findlay College, I developed the ability to see a communicator, as they moved closer into the mediums auric filed that they were working with. I was then able to talk to them via my thoughts before they had fully integrated with the mediums energy. This is how I know that people are definitely in the trance state and it isn’t their higher self allowing them to believe they are in trance. Which can happen a lot. After a few more years of study and working with my helpers in spirit, I became confident enough to help those who wish to learn and develop trance. I have seen many people, in the last 15 years that I have been teaching trance, who play act or really believe they are in trance, when actually it is their higher self talking. I then ask spirit to help these people, because many have an ego that won't allow guidance or criticism. Therefore, I cannot help them in any way to move forward.  Trance is a blending of two energies and it's a magical time for both guide and medium. Guides have such wisdom to impart. They are kind, wise, and full of love. Their guidance and philosophy is astounding. They never criticise, always nurture, and fill the room with their energy. Trance Mediumship is amazing to watch and experience, but unfortunately, there are not many trance mediums out there nowadays. I hope it changes.

Q- You also work with the angels. Which ones are you connected to and how did your path lead you to them?

A- The angel story is a funny one. I never really believed in them but after reading a book about meeting my guardian angel, I followed its instructions and asked for my angel to come to me in my dreams. Every night for two weeks, I asked and nothing happened. So I decided it was a load of old tosh and I gave up.
That week I saw angel signs everywhere I went. On cars, angel window cleaner, angel recruitment, and I went to church and one book standing alone in the library shelf was Angel Therapy. So I borrowed it. That weekend I was asked to fill in a space at a meditation circle. The circle leader said, “I don't know why I have to do this meditation but I do". And he led us on a journey through a crystal forest. I had to stand under a tree and wait to see who came to me. Out from behind the tree stepped two men dressed casually in cheque shirts and jeans. I said "hi" and asked for their messages, thinking they were spirit people coming to tell me something for a circle member. The youngest man laughed .I said, “what’s the joke"?

He introduced himself as Daniel and said, “if I had come into your dreams you'd never have believed it, so I waited for this meditation". It was then I knew these were my angels. Daniel was my angel for this lifetime and John was my guardian angel. John said, “I know you so well Margaret. You wouldn’t have believed it was really us appearing in your dreams, and he was right! From that encounter my healing with angels really started. I am now a Master Angelic Reiki Healer and teacher and I feel blessed the angels took the time to seek me out and lead me down this beautiful path.

Thank you Margaret for allowing me a rare interview about your journey with spirit.


Emma King is Margaret's Personal Assistant and that smile is always on her face through thick and thin. She deals with Student liaison, workshops, payments, payment plans, marketing, advertising and so much more. She is everyone's first port of call with any questions they may have about the work we do at connections with spirit.

Emma also runs Connections with spirits, Tenterden clinic. She is is a Spiritual healer, Usui Reiki Practitioner, Angelic Reiki Master  and Tarot/Angel Tarot reader, Angel Oracle card reader, Medium, fully qualified  Massage Therapist,  Crystal Healer, Colour Therapist and Beautician.

Emma is also a consultant for Neals Yard and she uses these treatments in a lot of her work as a therapist.

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