Psychic Development Home Study Course

As life gets busier for us all, people are finding it easier to study interests at home. This Psychic Development course was written by Margaret West. A Teacher/Trainer in many subjects, including mediumship.

This course allows you to explore the intricacies of Psychic Development.
Each module is written to steer you through an exciting journey of wonderment. At the end of each module you will be required to answer questions related to the module. You then need to email it back to Margaret for assessment,  before receiving the next module.

There are 4 modules. Each one is £15. We ask you not to rush them. Go at your own pace. When you have completed them all and when Margaret is satisfied you have a good understanding of the course, you will receive a certificate of achievement to keep in your files.

To purchase the course in full, the discount price will be £50. BUT.... please note, you will still only receive each module on completion of them individually.

Please send us a contact form to request this course. Please email us to order this course.

Course content:
Examining our psyche
Fear of being psychic
Types of mediumship
Recognise your own potential
Intuition - what is it?
Chakras - why are they so important
How to manipulate chakra energy
Learn how to breath correctly
Aura readings
Flower readings
Letter readings
Self Healing
earths energy
Sensitivity analysis
Earthing yourself
Your sacred space
Cosmic energy