Mediumship Training

  15.00 per hour session 

Via zoom or face to face.

This one hour one to one with Margaret is about gaining a clearer understanding and utilising the spiritual abilities that you are either working with or training with, in a development circle. This will improve your means of communication with your higher self and guides. Mediumship is about blending with a collective universal consciousness. It is a two-way communication with another dimension that cannot be seen by the human eye. If you want to listen to your guide or hear the voice of your conscience, then ask your questions and look for answers in your everyday life in the things you hear and see. Mediumship is all about understanding your craft. When you can do this, you will be able to decipher the information that comes to you more easily. 

So how can you develop your mediumistic skills? Well first of all you need to ask yourself why you wish to develop mediumship. It is not an easy road and one that will bring you many challenges personally and spiritually. The first thing I advise is to join a development circle. Why? Because without a guide in human form, how will you learn to separate spirit thoughts from your imagination? How will you learn to listen to the stillness within and ground your energy? If you only listen to your own opinion for guidance, how do you know that it's correct? Everyone needs guidance in their life to enable them to find their way. Mediumship is no different.

I have heard it a million times from mediums who say "Am I imagining these thoughts and feelings?" Which really is a good question. In the physical world we rely on our sight and touch to validate things, but in spirit it is very different. Here you need to have faith and trust that the information you receive is from an exterior source. Eventually you will feel so deeply attached to these new sensations and it will be those that will inspire you to learn more. When you begin to hit the nail on the head and messages are flowing through you smoothly, it is very easy to become proud and feel that you are now special. But this ego based thought will put you on a rocky road, which will lead you to nowhere good. Sayings such as, I rocked tonight, I was spot on today, I’m so good at giving readings, are fueling the ego part of yourself that will give you delusions of grandeur. Stay humble at your spiritual connection, have respect for all those who still might be struggling, the only time you should put another medium down is if you caught them as they fell. You hold a very special gift, but with this comes a huge responsibility, so respect it. Your job is to inspire and lift a fellow being, never preach, judge or influence them.

For most mediums it can sometimes feel like hard work to get a successful connection with spirit. When it does happen it is a moment for both sides to treasure. Spirit messages are not always easily received and sometimes the real meaning can get lost in the translation by the medium. We look out for discarnate voices in our ears and thoughts, when sometimes we are missing the subtle signs of scent, memory links by images that suddenly appear in from nowhere inside your mind.

Every medium will at some point reach a plateau where they just stop developing. You are moving along, with a good connection, feeling confident and then suddenly it’s like your inner light goes out. You can’t hear/feel guides or helpers and your intuition is as helpful as a chocolate teapot.  To you, this is a catastrophe, but to spirit it’s a time for readjustment. I call ‘reflection.’ This is spirits way of stopping you, so that you can absorb all the information that you have learnt so far. It’s a time to reflect on it and re ground yourself. It is NOT a punishment.

 Contrary to belief, no medium is ever punished by guides or helpers. Punishment is a human negative and it holds no nurturing vibration in spirit. This reflection can last a few days, weeks or even months, especially if you are in a development group. Use this time not to study more or join more spiritual circles, it is a time to re-find yourself. To see the beauty in your family and friends. To understand that you have a human life as well as a spiritual one. This is essential to your growth and the next level of your mediumship. If you set yourself limits on your development, you will always work within those parameters. Mediumship is forever growing and unfolding. All you can do is the best that you can and grow with it

 Spending time listening to your inner self and your guides is important to make your connection stronger. The hour session with Margaret will look into deep meditation methods to bring your consciousness up to the level it is required to communicate with the spirit world. You will learn how to trust your intuition, listen to your guides. The role of a medium has many layers. It is not about giving messages/predictions from those in spirit. You need compassion, the skill to know when you’re hitting a raw nerve with your client and to counsel when emotions cause them distress. Mediumship cannot be rushed, so find your balance and let things unfold around you, rather than pushing ahead and losing your credibility as a medium through poor messages and delivery.

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