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Margaret West is a verified Usui Reiki Practitioner, with a proven lineage that lead back to Dr Usui. She has passed stringent tests by the Usui Reiki Association which means that her work and teaching ethos, meet their extremely high standards. 

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Margaret West is a verified Practitioner with the Usui Reiki Council. You can find her  Here

Margaret West is a verified Usui Reiki Teacher with the Reiki Association. You can find her Here

One to One training with Margaret - Level one £85  Level Two £195 Level Three  £293

REMEMBER. We can come to you if you have a group of five or more people to do this training and you are in Kent or London. 




                                          Usui Reiki First Degree 

                                                       11 - 4pm

                                                         2nd June 2018 


            Bring a packed lunch, refreshments will be on offer throughout the day.

On this day you will learn:

Reiki Principles

The history of Reiki

How does Reiki work

Reasons to Learn Reiki

Points regarding Reiki

Reiki prayer and invocation

What is vibrational energy

Light Invocation

Usui Reiki Three Degrees

Value of Reiki

The First Degree Attunement

Attunement Healing Crisis

Gratitude meditation



The importance of our hands

The Aura

Location of chakras

How chakras work

Balancing chakras with Reiki


Hui Yin

The Hara

Self healing

Hand positions for treatments/ non practical


Kenyoku Ho

Hatsu Rei Ho

Reiki prayer

Code of ethics

You will receive a full comprehensive manual, on this day, and a Certificate.

Working in Reiki Light

£ 12 

Written by Margaret West, this is a handy tip book to have for Reiki Light workers. It explains how you can incorporate Reiki into you every day life, from protection to health and well being.


Working in Reiki light PDF

£ 6 

PDF electronic copy of this great tip book about how you can incorpote Reiki into your every day life. From psychic protection to cleansing the food you eat and much more.



                                              Usui Reiki Second Degree 


                                                 20th/21st October

                                             11 - 4pm over two days.

On these two days you will learn many forms of hands on healing as well as distant healing. You will learn how to give a treatment to a client in a safe controlled manner and much more. Please bring a light packed lunch, refreshments will be on offer throughout the day.

 On this day you will learn:

The deeper meaning of the Reiki Principles

The first pillar of Reiki

The second pillar of Reiki.

The third pillar of Reiki.

Joshin Kokyuu-Ho


The sacred meaning of Namaste and the etiquette of using it.

Room cleansing using symbols

In depth delivery and use of the Reiki Symbols


Build Self Confidence

Distant treatments using Reiki and crystals

How to Prepare and send Distant healing

Thigh and Knee method of healing

Traditional method of healing

In depth look as to how we can send Reiki to the Past, Present and Future.

Making Crystal Grids for enhancing Reiki energy

How to send reiki to multiple people/events.

In depth look into how to treat emotional healing

In depth look into how to release emotional and mental blockages.

How to treat Mental Health Issues

What affirmations to use for healing

Remote healing

Blanket /group healing method

Kanji Hand positions

In depth look into how to treat dying clients.

How to give a professional Reiki treatment

Information needed before giving a treatment

Reiki Client Information Form template

Reiki Documentation Form template

How your Treatment room should look.

Clients Comfort and Pre-Treatments consultation.

Grounding for the practitioner after Reiki

Reiki circles and shares

Manifesting Goals

Hatsurei Ho

Jakikiri Joka Ho

Joshin Kikyu Ho

Nentatsu Ho

In depth look into the Reiki Practitioner Code of Ethics

Extra hand positions for various illness

How to treat energy blocks and dis-ease

Hand placements for the front of the body

Hand Placements for the back of the body


You will receive a full comprehensive manual on these days and a Practitioners certificate.


                                                       Usui Reiki Master

                                                        Level 3/4


                                                        11 - 4pm

                 Bring a packed lunch, refreshments will be on offer throughout the day.

This is an intensive workshop where you will be taught how to give attunements as well as you will be receiving them. How to teach others and conduct yourself in a teaching environment. We will explore the symbols , why Reiju is so important and the miracle of Psychic surgery, using the universal Reiki energy and crystals.


Reiki and Symbolism

The Traditional Usui Reiki Master Symbol

The Reiki Attunement Ceremony

How to give a Reiki 1 Attunement

Preparation and positioning for the Attunement

How to give a Reiki 2 Attunements

How to give a Reiki 3 Attunement

How to give a 4 Attunement

The direct intention Attunement on the sick or dying

Psychic Surgery and how to apply it

Reiju Self‐Empowerment

Sending Reiju to students

Giving Reiju

Individual Empowerments


You will receive a full comprehensive manual on this day, a certificate and a lineage which can be traced back to Dr. Usui


                                           Testimonials for these Courses.

Catherine. Kent. Thank you for an enlightening course.

Trisha. Kent. Fantastic course. I have really enjoyed it. I am really looking forward to level 2.

Jess. Kent. I had the most lovely day. I have really found that i have some further knowledge of my energy and the practice of reiki. I am really looking forward to doing the next levels.

Lucy. Sussex. Margaret and Emma were both very friendly and welcoming. Everything was explained really well and i felt at ease and comfortable.

Nathalie. Kent. Today i was attuned to usui reiki level two. Margaret is very explanatory and answered all my queries. Also, doing a one to one with Margaret, I received healing from her, which was a lovely experience. Yes Margaret, I will from now on cho ku rei everything!!!

Claire. London. Enjoyable Usui level 2 workshop, held in a friendly and supportive environment. I felt the increased strength in the healing energy, compared to my level one energy. I'm looking forward to practicing and continuing my spiritual journey.

Bridgette. Kent. The usui level two practitioners workshop, was a lovely experience.

Rosalind- Kent. This was my first experience of practicing Reiki. What a fantastic day. I have learnt so much and enjoyed the whole day. I'm looking forward to doing level two.

Rachael- Kent. The Reiki level one workshop was taught very well by Margaret. The guided meditations were organized well and all the information was helpful and interesting. The practical side of the healing was really interesting. I really enjoyed the whole day.

Sue- Kent. Very informative, packed workshop. Well presented, lovely decorated chairs. I felt rather special, welcomed and it was an intimate workshop with only five people in the room which made it a more personalised experience.

Deborah- Kent. I had a lovely day on the Usui Reiki level one course. Margaret is a great tutor and she made me feel very welcome. She explained everything beautifully and I felt great. I can't wait to put into practice all that I have learnt today. I am really looking forward to doing the next level.


Emma - Kent. I didn't expect to feel what I did during this workshop. Margaret is such a good teacher and I will definitely do another course with her.


Jenny- Kent. It's been a great day, very fun and informative. This course can not be improved in anyway. I felt things I have never imagined possible. Thanks Margaret for making me feel very relaxed and calm as that is very hard for me.


Jacqueline Thompson - Kent.Thoroughly enjoyed Reiki first degree with Margaret. Very relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Other participants on the course were also very friendly. I had a lovely time meeting them all. Well done Margaret! Looking forward to the next Usui Reiki level with you. The meditation was wonderful as was the attunement. Thank you.


Claire- Kent. Really enjoyed learning Reiki with Margaret. The group was friendly and it was good fun. I felt the positive effects of being attuned and healed . I am looking forward to practicing it on others.


John - Kent. Fantastic workshop. Well delivered, good hands on experience, will want to carry on and do all the next levels. Thank you for the experience Margaret.


Caroline O'Toole - Kent. Really enjoyed learning this. Great experience.


 Katherine Baily -  London. Great day, great teaching. Easy to understand and lots of laughs too.


Parveen Nawaz. London. I was very nervous at the start but Margaret made me feel very comfortable. It was such a good day, and I know I can always contact her if I have a problem with Reiki. I will go no other place in future when it comes to my learning Reiki two.


Cathleen Macgoven - Glasgow. I came over from Scotland just to do my Reiki Mastership with Margaret. WHY? Because she is the best!


Henry Blanch -  London. A class teacher who give out detailed and well written manuals. I'll be back with Margaret to learn the Mastership.


Saminia Mousacha. Sussex. Excellent tuition. I LOVE this lady and her infinite knowledge of the spirit work and healing. LOVE being a reiki one healer.

Sasha Williams -  Brighton. I came, I saw and I was awed. Such a beautiful lady inside and out with a teaching skill that leaves you feeling empowered.

John Stokes - Cambridge. I have done all my training with Margaret in Usui 1,2 and Mastership. I would not go anywhere else but to her for help and guidance on my spiritual path. She taught me how to be a better person just by being one herself.

Paula Warner - Kent. Wow! Having been attuned to Reiki One elsewhere, I was astounded by the difference and professionalism of studying with Margaret West on Reiki Two. If you are considering training for anything to do with healing or metaphysical classes, you won’t get a more competent and qualified teacher. You won’t go wrong with Margaret West and I can guarantee that you will come out feeling confident that you have been taught all you need to know, and taught by the best!

Lucy Snow - Kent. A great day with Margaret West, who makes it all look so easy. I would definitely recommend her training skills.

Sally Kingwell -  Kent. A great day with lots of knowledge. A good manual that covered the day and back up afterwards, from Margaret, when I returned home. A great experience.

Sarah Martins - Kent.  Lovely two days working with Margaret and learning all about Usui. So happy I did this course with Margaret.

Carmel Havington - Bromley. Funny old day with so much energy and laughter. Quite intensive, but so worth the time and money.  I rate her as one of the best teachers in Kent, Plus she has a verified lineage that seems to be few and far between with Reiki masters nowadays.

Lisa - Norwich. Reiki level two Refresher.

I travelled from Norfolk to Kent specifically to see Margaret because she is a verified teacher from the Reiki council and that made me feel more confident that she knew what she was doing.

I found out that she is a fantastic teacher with no ego about her at all. I have done Reiki 1 & 2 but never felt confident I knew it.

Margaret ran through it all again with me, practical assessments and gave me the confidence

 to move forward with this healing work. God bless this brilliant woman.

Katy. London. I have done all my reiki levels with Margaret and I could not have picked better teacher.

John. Australia. I travelled to the UK on holiday and combined it with a weekend of reiki mastership and Master teacher qualification, with Margaret. What a great experience. I feel totally different on how I approach Reiki as a whole and got sound business advice too. I love this lady!

Sam. London. I have done reiki 2 with Margaret and found her to be a deeply spiritual lady. In tune with the planet and the energy of reiki. I thank the universe for showing me this brilliant teacher.

Wanda. USA. I came to visit family and ended up spending more time with this brilliant teacher instead. She did a refresher with me for level one and two and I realised I didn't know half of it. It pays to find a verfieid teacher. Trust me!!