Let me explain what house clearing is. When spirit people get attached to a property they can cause a few problems as they might not like or understand why a stranger is living in their home. Sometimes the home might be built on an ancient burial site and this will cause a spiritual portal (doorway) to form inside the house and they will be able to step through and explore. This can cause disruption for the physical people living there as they might hear strange footsteps and noises that make them feel afraid. When I am called to clear a house, it is simply me getting in contact with the spirit people there and finding out why they are there. Sometimes they just feel attached to a property or have no idea how to leave it. My job is to explain how, open a doorway and lead them through it, so they can continue with their life on spirit side. However, please understand I cannot MAKE spirit go. I can open the doorway, but I cannot push them through it.

I will first come to your home and scan the house to see if in fact there is any spiritual presence. I will look for portals and listen to family member’s experiences. By doing this I can gain a deeper insight into what’s going on. I will then return the following week and begin to close the portals and help those stuck, to go back to spirit side of life. This can take hours. Each room has to be cleansed and closed down, using incense, crystals and mediumship. Whilst this happening it is better if children and adults (except home owner) remove themselves from the house, as the less physical energy in the home, the better. Once the cleansing is done the atmosphere in the home will feel noticeably changed, as spirit energy can be quite dense and heavy. Normality will return and the home owners can get back to living in their home without further interruption.

This should solve your activity problem for good, however, nothing is set in stone and new portals can open up again as the years go by. Especially if you dabble in spirit boards and so forth. So be careful what you do. Spirit side of life exists and sometimes the two worlds can collide!

House Cleansing.

£ 50 

Due to the time it takes to do this, I only work on houses local to me in Kent. I will provide all the candles and tools needed.