What is past life regression?

A past life regression allows you to revisit a time and maybe find out how you acquired karmic ties that are affecting your life now. This could then give you a chance to learn from them and cut them away.  But PLR is not just to find out about old hurts, it can be very useful if you would like to experience it for spiritual development. This kind of past life regression can often be very fruitful and beneficial, often providing inspiration, self-understanding, insight and spiritual renewal

It is very important that we understand that we are spiritual people living a human existence and past life memories are an autobiography of the soul and these explain who we are now and what our life purpose is. In our lifetime we will learn many lessons, some good and some not so good. We will accumulate Karmic ties to people and situations, that may be carried over through many lifetimes and eventually these might impact on our life now. I must point out, contrary to belief, that Karma is a lesson, NOT a punishment.

For example: if you go through each life just thinking about yourself, you have not learnt about empathy. So during each life this lesson will come up time and time again as this is part of your spiritual growth. This could be a reason why you might feel so let down by people, make unwise friend choices, be unlucky in love or just feel like no one cares about you.

Past life regression can be seen as a spiritual healing. It does not matter what religion you are, or even if you have no particular faith, experiencing your soul’s progression gives you a deeper understanding that you are so much more than a human being living this life. During regression, you connect and align to your soul’s very essence and for some this is a deeply profound experience. When you slip away from this life, you travel back, for in spirit there is no time or space to hinder you. You will glimpse who you really are, a soul learning and growing through every experience.

How can PLR benefit you?

PLR can possibly :

Help you see relationships in a new light

Release fears and anxieties linked to past life traumas

Release past life traumas at the root of physical problems

Understand and align with life purpose

Take you on a deeply spiritual journey

A session lasts two hours as we will need to speak about your present life and what you feel is wrong. Your health, childhood events and anything else will need to be discussed. From this I can see if there is a pattern that may be a reflection of a past life experience. The actual regression can last up to 30 or 60 minutes. You may experience up to three lifetimes in this session. You may hear the dogs bark outside, a car drive past, but you will still be fully immersed in a past life experience.

How can I remember a past life?

Many people have already experience de ja vous. This is usually triggered by an event, such as visiting a place where one has lived in a past life. I will take you back in a light trance state to a past life experience where you can discover a bit more about yourself and how you lived.

How does PLR work?

Some people have very vivid and emotional recall while others may have an intuitive knowing without a lot of emotion and imagery. You are in control of the session at all times. I will ask you to focus on your breath and relax yourself by listening to me speaking to you. You will need to pay attention to any images, feelings and physical sensations that arise.  As you do this, you will begin to slip into a very light trance state. I will then ask you to focus on the thoughts or feelings that you feel are impeding you. This builds the bridge that you will need to walk across to the past life memory. Most lifetimes will have lovely memories and you must see them as a great gift, appreciate them because they are the things that give you your present attributes. Throughout your experience you will always hear my voice leading you through the lifetime that you are experiencing.

Past life regression therapy can transform your life! It can help you to develop your full potential, unlock hidden talents, and create more compassion and love for yourself and others. It can reveal your life purpose and reason for incarnating, and help you to overcome the fear of death. After a past life regression session, many clients report feeling a greater sense of inner peace, love and self-acceptance when they understand that they have chosen their life circumstances and the lessons that they need to learn.

Trauma does surface in PLR, but you need to remember you have already experienced this, so you do not have to worry about its outcome in a regression. You will only experience traumatic memories if you are ready to let go of them. Remember, you are in charge. The re-enactment of the death moment is where the real healing happens. Facing a death experience—and the peace that accompanies it—has great therapeutic value. It is enlightening and comforting to feel the release of the soul from the body and experience the peacefulness of the between life states. You no longer need to fear death when you realize that your soul is immortal and that you will live again and be re-united with loved ones. Releasing emotional and/or physical trauma stored in the body and mind is very healing. Most people feel relieved, refreshed, and more peaceful after discovering hidden past-life memories that may have caused unnecessary anxieties and phobias in the present life. By bringing these painful memories into the light, the intensity of the trauma will lessen and it will lose its grip on you. Re-examining a past life might help you to understand where you are going wrong in this life. They can help to heal phobias, compulsions and sometimes, even heal physical illness. This is called a karmic release.

Sometimes a healing is immediate, other times it can be more subtle and appear over time. We are not born as a blank canvas. We come to this life with many scars, but also rich in wisdom from past life experiences. The memories we carry in the subconscious mind carry an energetic charge, which can affect us through each life that we pass through. Threads can be left untied, promises made, failures, mistakes, sickness, emotional debts, guilt, love, wisdom and sudden death are all part of living. Each has a pattern of its own that is positive or negative. All of it can affect our behavior and even our health. Positive traits feed us confidence, talent and gives us energy to pursue success on all levels, negative patterns can cause destructive influences, compulsive behavior, self-worth, lack of good judgement, even block our path so everything seems so hard. By bringing these memories to the surface, we can sometimes release the patterns that no longer serve us, so we can live in the present, unhindered.

The best part of this type of therapy is that you get to experience yourself as the soul being that you are, who has lived and will continue to do so. Past life regression is healing  of the soul, by healing its past.  For our energy is immortal. We cast off the overcoat that houses the spirit and then we begin again in a new coat.

PLR therapy is not for everyone. Despite all care and my experience, I cannot say for sure that you will access a past life memory. Although 95% of people do,It is all down to you and the evolution of your soul’s journey. If it is ready for you to access these threads of time, you are willing to change and wish to change aspects of your life, then it will happen. Most people are able to experience an alpha brain wave state of wakeful relaxation that is necessary to recall past lives. Many people do succeed in the first session; others may need more than one session to fully relax and experience past-life recall. Some relax more deeply than others and have a more vivid and detailed recall. Others may greatly benefit just from the relaxation process at first as they gain trust in themselves and their ability to recall past lives. Your body, mind, and spirit will guide you to proceed at your own pace. I am present to support and assist you, but you are in charge of your healing journey.

Afterwards you might feel a sense of peace and you can view your life with a bit more objectivity. However you experience it, most people come out with a deeper meaning to their life purpose or more deeply entrenched on their spiritual journey of growth and expansion.

I can not say how many sessions that you will need to remove some Karmic ties or patterns that are affecting you. Complete renewal does not always happen after one session. This journey is yours and yours alone.

Session. Two hours £60.

This includes an emailed report of the session 



                                                                 Life between Life Regression

This is for those seeking a deeper meaning to their spiritual path.  Experiencing life between lives is a deeply moving experience. You may meet your guides ,spiritual helpers and your loved ones in spirit . To experience your death is a shift in conscious awareness, where you can objectively view your lifetime and experiences. If more than one life is experienced, soul patterns can be seen, which can give you great insight into where you are going as you move through each incarnation. You may experience healing energies stepping forward to help you.You may see orbs, vivid colour, or genderless forms. Groups of souls might appear as teachers or healers and the session could become one of the most significant life affirming events that you will ever have. It could mean that you experience deep inner peace for the first time in your life.

Session -One hour 30 minutes

Price £50  You will also receive an emailed report of the session and any insight I have gained, within 3 working days


                                                                      Angel past life regression


The regression is a  deeply spiritual experience. As you travel back through the blue mist, where is there is no beginning or end, you will meet angels who can help you cut the Karmic ties that you feel are holding you back in your spiritual work or life in general.

These powerful beings of light show themselves as people or magnificent colours. Each person’s regression is different. Here you can ask for spiritual insights, see your Akashic records, ask for guidance in your life, and so much more.


Session -One hour, 30 minutes  £50.

You will also receive an emailed report of the session and any insight I have gained from it within 3 working days.