How to run and manage a mediumship Development circle
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Are you a medium who would like to run a development circle to enlighten others? Have you been doing services, platform work and private sittings and now feel you'd like to help others on this path? Or are you someone who would just like to know how circles are run for future reference? Circles are wonderful fountains of knowledge which are usually run by an experienced medium and the spirit world. I am told by my own spirit guides that whenever a circle be formed, another will be formed in spirit to work along side it. Remember, we NEVER work alone. Our spirit helpers are always on hand to guide us through the rocky road of life.

Running a circle can seem daunting, but if you get the right people, it can be like a beautiful lotus flower unfolding. Helping people to understand that being psychic is a 'normal' state of being is the key here, and that fear is controlled by the ego. A tiny voice in our ear that will always try to stop our progression in life.  Spiritual awakening in some can be quite frightening. But once it is developed in a circle, and the person releases their fear, it can literally transform lives.

On this workshop you will learn:
How to start a development circle
Interviewing candidates
Circle ettiquette
How to run the circle
How to protect your circle
Working out how your members work spiritually
How to handle disruptive members
How to keep ego's outside the door.

This is a lovely afternoon of enlightenment. Very informal, where no questions are silly or unimportant.
Light refreshments will be provided along with our calming lavender cookies, cake and crystal tea, as well as fruit teas and coffee.