Crystal of the month.  




Apophyllite is probably one of my favorite crystals. It resonates with the Third eye and Crown Chakras and is a deeply spiritual stone; this beautiful crystal has natural pyramids within its form, its energy being focused primarily within the apex of them. It is mostly found in India and its colour can vary to white, clear or you can get some that have beautiful hues of green, hauntingly misting the crystals or vibrantly encapsulating it. The green ones also resonate with the heart chakra stimulating universal love and unconditional acceptance of the inner self.

 Known as the Stone of Truth, this very special crystal also contains the key to accessing your Akashic Records. It can resolve past-life issues, release blockages or stagnant energies and enhances mediumship abilities on all levels. So it is a wonderful crystal to have in your collection. But don’t be fooled by the appearance of this delicate crystal, as it has a high water content, so it can act as a very powerful energy transmitter. It is one of the very few crystals that is known to be powerful enough to clear negative energies from Clear Quartz, the Master crystal. So can you imagine how well it would cleanse other crystals!

It is better suited for Angelic work as it connects very strongly to the angels. Healers on all levels welcome Apophyllite as it allows the divine light to flow through them, using them  as a conduit of during their healing session. It’s an extremely versatile crystal helping those who need inner healing on all levels of consciousness.

Zodiac sign ~ Apophyllite will be particularly powerfully with a Gemini

Vibrational number ~ 4

Angelic influence ~ Archangel Taharial



Apophyllite’s unique vibration makes it ideal for meditating with. It calms the mind bringing clarity of thought, allowing visions, from higher domains, to be received and processed to help with situations you may be struggling with. Place it on the third eye and it will enhance psychic visions and Clairvoyance. It cleanses and expands your inner consciousness, expanding your spiritual growth. But because of its high energy I advise that you use this crystal for short bursts until you get accustomed to it.

Healing the physical body.

If you work with Apophyllite, you will align your energy with that of Archangel Taharial, whose name actually means Purity of god. This is a very high vibrational angel who will work with you to ascend higher in your healing work or mediumship. This crystal is excellent to use for some forms of asthma and can be used during a therapy to aid the lungs to cope with the stress of this condition. Place it on the chest and breathing will instantly change and become calmer. It works well on fear based emotions such as worry or anxiety, just holding it in your hand will instantly make you feel safe and secure. Stressed from work? Place this crystal on your solar plexus for 10 minutes and you will feel the stress slip away.

Those who practice Reiki with find Apophyllite will redirect energy to where it thinks the body needs it, so the receiver will be getting a double healing session in one. So I really advocate that healers try this crystal and let me know how they get on with it.

Spiritual Properties.

Be prepared if you decide to use this crystal in your spiritual development,  as it will lift the veil between the physical and spiritual planes, honing your intuition and bringing you great visions. If you are looking into astral travel, this crystal will provide a strong connection between your physical and astral body, allowing your conscious self to remember any information that was obtained during the astral journey travel, whilst protecting your physical body from harm.