Angels of light



                                       Date to be arranged

If you love angels then you will love this workshop. A day of working with angels. On the day we will learn:

What colour ray that you are on and why.

Removing past life blocks through regression with angels

How to clear negative energy from yourself using colour, crystals and the angels

Meet your guardian angel – via table tipping. Vibrational energy and how it affects our ability to communicate with the angels

How to raise you vibration to the angels

Ground and shielding

How angel can communicate with us

How angel cards can help us with self-healing

How to discern angel guidance from our own thoughts

Angels and spirit guides. What is the difference?

Meditation techniques to blend with the angels

You will have the chance to taste our crystal healing tea, as well as many varieties of fruit teas, coffee and our infamous lavender cookies, to calm the mind and spirit and of course, cake. You will also receive a free angelic healing crystal on the day.

Please bring a light lunch.