Discovering Mediumship

£45, 22nd April


In this day workshop we will cover all aspects of Mediumship development. So if you are interested in this type of work or just would like to know more about it, then come along for a very uplifting day with the spirit world.

One the day we will learn:

What are development circles

What is mediumship and how does it work

Can anyone be a medium?

Sitting in the power meditation

Meet your guides

Meet your power animal

Feeling the aura and learning how to protect it from harmful energies

Cleansing the aura

Protection – how can we be safe?

Crystals good for protection/how to use a pendulum

Physical phenomena, what is it?

Mental phenomena, what is it?

Psychic vampires, what are they?

Psychic attack what is it?

How do we accumulate karmic cords?

Reincarnation , is it real?

Chakras, how do they actually work?

Bring your own lunch and sample our wonderful healing crystal tea, lavender cookies to calm the mind and spirit, fruit teas, coffee and of course, cake!