Connections With Spirit are proud to  recognise Margaret West as an Approved Training Provider in Crystal Therapy with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

Once our students are accredited, they may apply for membership with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, and they will be entitled to use the letters IPHM after their name.

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                                                                     Introduction to Crystal Healing.


                                                                              17th February 2018


If you are thinking about doing a crystal course but are not sure, this might be good for you.

On the day we will learn how crystals connect to the mind, body and spirit.

How  crystals work

Crystals for psychic protection

Crystal grids for health – and how you can make one that can go mobile with you

Clearing crystals of dark energy

Re-energising  dead crystals

Programing a crystal to work for a certain condition

How to improve your health and well being by Chakra balancing, using crystals and a crystal pendulum


There will be beautiful crystals to buy on the day and crystal jewellery. You will also take home a free chakra crystal set to use at home.


                                             Crystal Therapy Training
                                                           THREE WEEKS OF HOME STUDY

8/9th September 10-5 
                                                                       6/7 th October 10-5

                                                         Bring a packed Lunch and refreshments will be provided

Margaret West has been a Crystal Healer for over two decades, she had taught many Enlightening Crystal Therapy for Beginners Workshops, which have proved to be very successful in Kent and London. Now she is offering Practitioner Level Qualification, Accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

If you are worried that this type of therapy may not be for you, yet you are interested in it, then why not try our introduction to crystals course First.

To become a proficient Crystal Therapist you will need dedication and love. Two of the  most important things in Crystal work. Margaret has  been a Crystal Therapist for two decades and runs a busy holistic practice in Kent. Yet still she is still finding out new ways to incorporate Crystals into people lives. She says that when you are a Practitioner, it doesn't mean that you will know everything there is. You will discover new crystals emerging all the time and you will  find new ways  to use them therapeutically. Margaret's dedication to each student, shows how serious she is about Crystal healing and she has agreed to become your teacher for life. As far as we are aware, NO teacher in the Kent county offers this wonderful opportunity. So do not be worried about venturing out alone in the crystal world, as you will always have Margaret for guidance.

There are no hidden extras to pay out for after this course. Any new knowledge which comes to light will be taught in the beautiful crystal cave group that she has on facebook. This group holds many different files on crystal healing that Margaret uses to this day in her practice. Videos will allow you to see into her holistic life and how different crystals work on the body.  So we strongly urge you to join facebook even if it is just to gain access for your CPD. 

Margaret has a deep attunment to crystals and feels their energy very deeply. She feels that crystals are the ones who chose their partner and that it is very important that a practitioner chooses their own for healing, however she will provide each student  with a hand picked,  AAA grade chakra crystal healing set, to facilitate this amazing crystal journey.

The work of a Practitioner never ends and your collection of Therapeutic Crystals will grow with your expertise and knowledge. A lot of people worry that the need to remember so many crystals is daunting and it puts them off doing the course. Only someone with the mind of an elephant can remember every single crystal out there and its uses. During the course Margaret will show you different techniques to help you remember and store information which you can easily access. This crystal course has many different branches. You will touch on healing animals with crystals, how to feel crystal energy and 'listen' as the crystals talk to you through their vibrations, how crystals can heal via colour, rather than their property value, you will learn how to make healing grids and so much more. She will show you how to use them during end of life care and how they can help in so many ways. 

Through scientific evidence, one thing affects another, as we are all interconnected on a subtle level that we cannot perceive or begin to understand. We are not attached to the planet, but instead, we are an integral part of it. Many Crystal healers believe that our disconnection from the planet/nature is the underlying cause to many conditions, whether that is in the Mind, Body or Spirit and we need to address this to be able to live a good healthy life. The human body is crystalline in nature. When we get kidney stones, they are in fact Crystals that the body has formed naturally, when we die our blood becomes crystalline and urine, once dry, becomes crystalline in nature. So given this evidence, it is no surprise that the body can connect with Crystals on a very deep level. When a Therapist places Crystals on the body, they are looking for a way to connect the body back to the planet and its healing resources. When the right vibration connects with the body, it begins to realign its energy to gently manipulate the body’s energy back to a healthy point. All the complex parts of the body need to work together, like a car. If one part of is out of sync then everything else will begin to fail.

After you have successfully completed the written, practical and course assessments, you will receive an Accredited Certificate, which enables you to get insurance as a Crystal Therapist and which will allow you be become to be a member of the very prestigious Organization, the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, should you wish to.

This course will be run over two weekends, with a two week period of self -study for practical and written work to be assessed, emailed to Margaret and graded, then a further one day for practical assessments.

Listed here are some of the things we will cover: Please ask us for a prospectus for this course which will list all we will cover.

Meridian Therapy                                                                           

 Holistic Spine

Human energy Field                                                                  

Healing Crisis 

Using the quartz Family in therapies                                         

How to make effective crystal elixirs

How to work with clients


Data protection

Toxic Crystals

Crystals and terminal conditions

Crystals and children

Crystals and healing animals


on going illness

Palliative care

Many practical lessons on crystal therapy layouts

Seal of Solomon                        

Amethysts for body calm                                                                          

Energy Boost                                                                                      

Pain Relief                                                                                       

 Please Email for a prospectus and our policies for this Practitioners Crystal Therapy Course or please use a contact form.

Based in Dymchurch Kent

To pay for this course, please contact us. We accept cards, BACS, PayPal, Cheques as long as they clear before the course date and we do payment plans to suit your needs.

NOTE: When you pay your deposit for any course on this website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out here. Please read  section 7.



Jacqueline - Kent
I have really enjoyed the crystal healing course. The whole course was well structured, pleasant environment and friendly students. Margaret west is a superb teacher and i respect her knowledge. She made time for each student and answered all their questions. Fruit and cakes are a nice addition and they were very very much enjoyed. I really loved making my own crystal mandala. A nice personal; touch. Thank you so much.
Debbie - Kent
I absolutely loved the crystal course. There was a lot to take in and i felt the pressure! Margaret's crystal cave idea on Facebook is an excellent idea to continue our personal development and not feel so alone. Margaret is a font of knowledge. I am so pleased that i have successfully completed the course. I loved doing the hands on therapies as well as the class work. I would certainly be interested in any future refresher courses or therapist days. Thank you for putting up with my nerves Margaret. 
Melissa - Kent
So pleased i did this workshop. I have had a love for crystals for many years and have attended many one day workshops. BUT, on this course you get an insurable qualification that i can add to my list of therapies.
Amanda - Kent
I am so pleased to have participated as a student in Margaret's crystal course. I have waited 3 years to do this with Margaret, as i knew when i first saw her that she'd eventually be my crystal therapist teacher and a lifetime of inspiration. What a wonderful course and thank you for making it so easy to follow and understand. Especially for people like me who suffer from dyslexia and discalculiar. From now on i will do everything that was taught to me by Margaret and i will practice all the time until my hubby builds me a therapist cabin next year as my prize for passing this course. This is my dream come true at long last.
Jodie - Kent.
The crystal course was intensive and very informative. It was a combined balance of theory and practical which was really helpful to establish learning. I really enjoyed myself on this course as the atmosphere was extremely friendly and small enough to build a great rapport with the other students. Margaret was a very enthusiastic and passionate tutor and crystal therapist, yet very professional. She is ready to answer all queries and i feel blessed to have been a part of this course. It has felt like i was around good friends throughout the whole course. Thank you Margaret for all your help.
                                     Crystal Introduction Course 2017
Barry- Cambridge
Today was informative and very friendly, fun and enjoyable. I am looking forward to now doing the certified course.
Christine - kent
Thank you very much. It was a good experience about the crystals. I had no idea that some crystals are not real. Im so happy I learnt this on the course. Margaret is a lovelt lady. Thank you for all you taught me. God Bless.
Very interesting, informative, yet relaxed. Thank you for another brilliant course Margaret.
Janet - Kent
Margaret explained about crystals in a way that's understandable. All my questions were answered with good explanations. Enjoyed the day and I cannot wait until the certified crystal course.
Maria - Kent.
A very good informative workshop. Margaret and Emma were very helpful. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in crystals. It has really made me want to learn more about crystal therapy.
I found this course very informative, relaxed and friendly. I think I prefer the smaller groups as I learn better in them.
Hazel - Kent
Very informative day and I have learnt a lot about crystals. Really enjoyable and warm atmosphere.
Jackie - kent.
A very informative day of fun, laughter and education. Margaret is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to crystals and she has given me a good introduction into the world of crystals and crystal therapies.