Colour Therapy Practitioners Course

                                                    21/22 October
                                                                               11- 5


                                                                        Two day course


We are hoping to bring this to you as a certified Practitioners course that will give you a qualification as a  Colour Therapist practitioner.

This course is facilitated by Margaret West.

Colour therapy is a non invasive therapy which makes use of the energy contained in the rays of colour
On this course you will learn how colours can affect us negatively and positively. How they can speed up the recovery from an illness or help those recovering from an operation

This practitioners course  teaches us how colour has a huge relevance on our physical, emotional and spiritual levels of well being and how 
colour therapy can help to re-balance and/or stimulate these energies by applying the appropriate colour on to the body.

On this course you will learn:

Effect of colour on us
Physical and subtle bodies
Visible spectrum and Electromagnetic spectrum
Primary colours
Auric colours
Chakra system
Blockages and negative qualities of colour
Relationships revealed through colour
Fragrance music and colour
Therapeutic use of colour
Colour breathing and visulisations
Colour and diet
Colour treatments using reflexology points
Crystal healing
Colour therapy on animals
     Giving a colour treatment and more.

You will receive a comprehensive manual with this course and the certification to become a practitioner.

To pay for this course, please contact us. We accept cards, BACS, PayPal, Cheques as long as they clear before the course date.