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                                         Angel Choir

                                                     June 23rd.

                                                                                  £50  11-4.30

Please bring your lunch and we will provide the rest. We will offer Crystal  caffeine free fresh tea or herbal tea and coffee. Which Margaret's  team of angelic helpers have cleansed and infused with angelic crystal love. These very special teas which lift your vibration and clear the aura of psychic debris. The water used on the day is also  pure crystal therapy, especially blended for your consumption  to provide the best healing for the mind, body and spirit.

Margaret west has been working with the angels in many different ways for almost two decades. She will often

 channel their wisdom and guidance to help others on their path of enlightenment through inspirational words, writing

 or through her therapies. She has noticed over the years that people are turning more and more to the angelic realms

 for peace and guidance in their lives and she has often asked how can I do more to bring in the angels to help others? A year later, she woke up one morning with this workshop already formulated in her mind. She instantly knew that it had been divinely created to help and inspire others. The angels had finally answered her prayers. The whole day in this workshop will be spent immersed the healing vibrations of the angels and you will learn:

Who are the angels of the colour rays?

What healing colour ray you are on and why?


Ascension Explained

A guided angelic regression meditation where some past life blocks that maybe holding you back will be removed by the angels

How to clear negative energy from yourself using angels, crystals and colour

Understanding vibrational healing and how it helps you communicate with angels

How to raise your own vibration and visit Arch Angel Michaels ascension chamber.

How angels communicate with us

Grounding and shielding yourself

How angels communicate through angel cards

How to discern angel guidance from your own thoughts

The difference between angels and spirit guides

Karma Explained

You will also receive a short angel attunment to lift your vibration to the angelic spheres.

You may also have the opportunity to speak to your guardian angel and get a physical reply. This part of the workshop

 depends on the angels and how they wish to work on the day. So nothing can be promised here.

You will also receive a beautiful angel crystal on the day to facilitate the next steps of your angelic journey.