Book in the months of October and November to receive these deals. Offer lasts until December 31st 2017

                                            At the Tenterden clinic:


FULL body massage, including Consultation £45 and you will also receive a free therapy crystal to take home.

Back, Neck and shoulders massage, includes consultation £30 and you will also receive a free therapy crystal to take home.

Luxury crystal therapy massage £40 and you will also  receive a free therapy crystal to take home.


                                                    Ashford Clinic

Holistic MOT, including consult £30- Sometimes we can feel just out of sorts, run down and stressed with everyday problems and issues. The doctor says that there is nothing wrong, and yet  you feel that there is. Your body is tired your mind over active, your muscles ache, you feel over whelmed and stressed all the time!! Having an holistic MOT allows Margaret to see what areas you may need help with in your mind, body and spirit.

Crystal Facial with the Seal of Solomon therapy - £45 - A very special intensive crystal and Angelic Reiki combination therapy.This unique crystal treatment is called the seal of Solomon because a six pointed star, formed from two interlocking triangles, was used in healing for King Solomon.  Life is hard work. The first thing that suffers is the body and then the mind. This therapy refreshes the body's energy and can help to clear away stress.

We can provide gift vouchers for these treatments, so they can be given for Christmas presents. The vouchers will last until February 2018.

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                                             Jewellery Offers 

                                  Open untill December 23rd 2017         

Spend over £25 on jewellery and you'll receive another pendant from us, absolutely free.