Margaret has three dogs of her own and two are rescues that somehow found their way to her door. Currently she volunteers where she can at various rescues and is actively helping the dogs of Romania find the desperate help they need. If you would like to adopt a dog from Romania and give it the love they so desperately need, please fill in the contact form and she will guide you to the people who can help you. Margaret believes every animal is a gift to us and should be respected as such.

As a Reiki Master and Crystal Healer she often uses these methods of healing on sick, recuperating or for palliative care on many different types of animals. She can send your pet distant healing, that does work. Please send a picture of your pet with your request. If you do not mind the picture will be placed on the website for other animal healers to send healing to as well. All she asks is that you make a donation to the charity that she supports, as an exchange of energy. You can do this here, by clicking on the highlighted link, or by paypal, where she will forward it on to the right people. Please use the contact form to tell her what you wish to do. You can also use this form to ask for any advice that you need.



                                                            Animal Healing

Animals need healing as well as humans. Reiki and crystal Reiki works in conjunction with medical advice and can help to calm and bring balance to any animal large or small. It can be a hands on transference of healing energy, distant or energy transference by hovering the hands over the pet. Whatever suits the needs of the pet at the time.

Here are some Conditions Reiki can help with:

*If your pet is in pain and distress, despite medication.

*If your pet begins to relinquish their earthly ties and start their journey across the  rainbow bridge, Reiki can help light their path and ensure they cross to the other side without fear.

*If their moods are erratic, nervous or overly excited, Reiki can find the right balance for them.

*If they are elderly and just need a bit of healing energy.

*On going conditions

*Therapeutic help after broken bones and surgery.

Margaret  also does one to one healing on your pet and distant healing.



 This is Edward . I am currently helping him with some conditions. Distant healing as well as hands on,  seems to be working and he is now on a crystal elixir to boost his immune system. Lets hope Edward begins to feel better soon.


This is Princess Laya. She is a beautiful, sweet girl who is in a very poor condition. Her legs are quite sore and swollen so I am using distant healing as well as hands on  healing to reduce the swelling. She is on a bacteria fighting Crystal Elixir and she also has a few therapy crystals on her body to boost her immune system. I hope this gorgeous girl will be on the road to recovery soon and a good home can be found for her.