Psychic counselling does NOT replace B.A.C counselling. We strongly recommend you visit the appropriate  counselor equipped for your needs

                                  What is psychic counselling?

Psychic counselling works more on the emotional well being of a person. A bespoke consult fits only the person it is aimed for. Margaret is an intuitive Councillor. This means that she may have access to more detailed information,  inspiration and insight into personal issues. As the client becomes more confident, they may wish to learn how to hone their own intuitive skills to help them relate to others in their life. The counselling works by targeting the concerns and bringing a greater insight into it. It is wonderful during times of transition. Whilst Margaret will not make decisions for you, she will guide you and help you make up your own mind.

Margaret provides fresh new perspectives on any issues, using her intuition. She will guide you through the complexity of your emotions to help you get a clearer aspect of a problem. You will be helped with a fresh perspective on life, a deeper knowing of who you are, which will enable you to move forward with life changing decisions. Intuition is nothing to do with logic, but it will work in harmony with it.  It comes through normal sensory channels that sometimes we just cannot hear or feel ourselves. This type of knowledge goes beyond traditional counselling. It is transformative and incredibly healing for the client.

If you feel confused, stressed or not sure on the direction of life you need to be going, having relationship issues, communication issues, anger, confusion, or looking to make life changing decisions, Margaret may be able to help you.

First consult and session 40.00
Sessions afterwards. 25.00

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