Margaret has very active mediumship groups that sometimes have vacancies. The charge is £7 for the session. Which goes to the various charities that she supports. These groups also help you  to learn about yourself and how you can self heal and make your life a much happier place to live in.

Advanced psychic development  group - For those already doing the mediumship circuit, churches and demonstrations, but wish to sit in a circle to keep up their development _ FULL

Intermediates Mediumship group - for those who have already established their spirit links and wish to develop further. - spaces available

Beginners Mediumship groups - for those just starting out on their spiritual pathway. Spaces available

One to One Psychic Development - for those whop wish to learn how to communicate with the spirit world, but prefer a private session with me. Please use the contact form to book.

One to one Mediumship guidance  - for those who wish to brush up, or understand their gifts a bit more - contact me here.

Issues with spirit connections or confusion with your connections, please use the contact form for a chat as to how she may help you.


Hello. My name is Caroline and I bought Margaret's amazing book. If you want to learn how to reconnect with your psychic self, then get this book. I LOVE it.

                                                      Psychic Development Book

Her latest book is about finding yourself. What it is not about is contacting the dead. There is such a misconception about our PSYCHIC self and our SPIRITUAL self. We are all born with psychic senses, but as we mature, sadly they are rarely used. Have you ever had that feeling that you’re being watched? Feel that your partner is ill, yet they are at work and you’re at home. These feelings are your inbuilt Psychic senses prodding you, almost begging you to pay attention. In this book you have a step by step guide telling you how to reawaken your inner defense mechanisms. By the time YOU reach the end of this book, no one will be able to lie to you again, because you will know in an instant. Should you take that job? You will listen to your gut feeling and know the right course of action.

The book also teaches you how to lower your own blood pressure, relieving stress on your body and helping your heart cope with the stresses of everyday life. This book literally will change your life for the better. Ask Margaret for details on this book.

               Margaret's available to teach the following fields of interest

Angel Workshops,

Psychic Development

Crystal Healing practitioner workshops

Usui Reiki Training 1/2/Mastership

Angelic Reiki Training 1/2/ Mastership

Colour healing

Psychic Parties

Holistic Therapy

Private Sittings - using Spiritual Guidance, angel cards and crystals

Reiki Healing demonstrations

Workshops at your home or venue



Demonstrations of crystal healing, angel cards/tarot

If you need help to start a circle, or some guidance on it, if you are local to me, I can come to your circles venue and help in anyway that you need. My fee is £30 for one hour and a half attendance at each of your circles, and that includes a written assessment of your teaching, helpful pointers and circle etiquette.


 Please contact  her with the services that you require or for an informal chat.